Theres no better time to start an online business then now. This pandemic has highlighted how important the demand of your website is for your business. So your business needs to at least have these 5 basic essentials if you want to make sales. If you want more in-depth content on strategizing your brand to convert your audience into customers, let me know in the comments below.

1.) A Call-To-Action

Always lead your home page of your website with a Call-to-Action. This could be anything that influences users to move forward with the sales process on your site. The first CTA on your site should always be a lead for your number one goal that you want your users to accomplish.


2.) High Quality Photos

Whenever, wherever you use a photo on your site, make sure it’s high in resolution. High quality photos resize well for mobile and desktop versions of your site. It also creates a more professional persona of your brand.


3.) Google Analytics

How can you tell if you’re growing if you’re not tracking your metrics? In short, you can’t. Google Analytics is a great, free tool to use for your website to track page views, your audience, user behavior, and more.


4.) SEO

SEO is just short for “search engine optimization.” Just how hashtags help your post to get discovered on Instagram; SEO helps your website to get discovered on search engines like Google by using keywords, tags, and page descriptions. SEO is a key essential in effective, smart marketing for your website.


5.) Professional Copy

A well written description of your product and services on your site plays a major role in the buying process. Professional copy for your site declutters your messaging and differentiates your brand’s perspective. It gives the user clarity on how your brand best serves their interest.


If you found this content valuable, feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. Interested in learning more or need help with how you can strategize your brand for your success? Drop a message here, we’ll be glad to help you with your branding.


As always, “Stay Intuitive!”