There are many avenues for you to grow your brand, but my two favorite ways to grow my brand is by collaborating with other entrepreneurs and joining communities. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dallas Gordon A.K.A. “Coach D.” Dallas Gordon is an International Business Coach, Marketing Expert, Author and speaker phenomenon. Recently in her Ascend Mastermind group, I shared essential tips on “How To Make Your Branding Sexy.” Here’s a snapshot of our conversation from the exclusive mastermind session.


Dallas Gordon: Tell us more about what you do?

Navare Carter: I’m a brand strategist and multi-award winning designer. I help entrepreneurs to uncover their brand’s true value, in order to strategically communicate their brand’s message to their target audience to successfully grow their brand.

Dallas: You talk in your ebook about the importance of knowing your ideal customer. Some may be lost with who exactly their ideal customers are. What are three questions that we should be asking when discovering more about who our ideal customers are?

Navare: I would say to really start it off, is to consider who benefits the most from the products and services you offer. If you have a client or customer that’s a headache to work with, they’re draining you, and your unmotivated to work with them, take note because they’re not your ideal customer. You know, you should really pay attention to how you feel when you work with certain customers. Try to remember a time where your customer sales process was a breeze and allowed you to work at your best. Retrace the steps you took in your mind to attract this type of customer and consider what characteristics of that customer did you like. You should ask yourself: 

  • Who would benefit the most from using my products/services?
  • What does the experience of a successful sales process feel/look like to you?
  • Are my current customers helping me to achieve my goals & objectives?

Dallas: You were saying simplicity and keeping things straight to the point is important. What are some ways that we can keep our branding on point and less confusing for our potential customers? What are some do’s and don’ts?

Navare: I would say that consistent is key first and foremost. Keep your messaging consistent and definitely keep your brand’s identity consistent. You don’t want to randomly change the look & feel of your brand every time you send out marketing material. That applies to your logo, color scheme, and fonts. As for imagery, if you’re branding yourself as your company’s image, use the same photo for marketing material. If you choose not to, you can also brand yourself by consistently wearing an identifiable accessory, look, or item of clothing.

Dallas: I totally agree with you that branding is how you make people feel? What are some ways we can make a lasting impact on how our customers feel? And build that unforgettable brand?

Navare: I would say to first, know your value proposition. It’s key to know what makes you different. You also want to play to your strengths. Stick to your roots and what comes naturally easier to you than anybody else. Last but not least, be consistent with your brand’s promise. Whatever the value that you’re promising to provide your customers with, always deliver on it.

Dallas: You were talking about making sure that a brand is recyclable and that was on point. This hit home for me because I’ve recently gone through an entire rebrand. I don’t feel that in the past my branding would be able to grow with me. And this is why I’ve changed it. Do you believe that the best name you can brand is your own? And what are some ways that we can make sure that our brands withstand the tests of time?

Navare: I completely agree that the best name you can brand is your own. It’s authentic to you and everlasting. There a few ways that you can make sure your brand has longevity.

  • If your “why” can’t be measured in numbers, your brand can withstand the test of time.
  • Stay true to your brand’s purpose, value, and promise to your customers.
  • Make sure your brand’s business model is built to sell.

“If your “why” can’t be measured in numbers,

 your brand can withstand the test of time.”

Dallas: I talk to some of my clients about excellence in the marketplace and explain to them the importance of good imaging and graphics. How important is this? Why is this crucial in order to standout in the marketplace?

Navare: Very important because it plays a big role in gaining the customer’s trust, your positioning in your market, and influences the customer’s buying process. Also, any graphics or visual content that you put out is relaying a message.

Dallas: Many of us sell the very same things but it’s our willingness to be truly authentic that makes us stand out. I’ve noticed that you don’t just do what you do, but you stand-out and make your mark in the marketplace. Can you share what you’ve personally done to make sure that your brand breaks the mold and doesn’t blend in with others in your field?

Navare: I observe my market, take note of who the movers & shakers are in my market/industry and I observe what their community is gravitating towards. Then, I have to do a self-check to see what I’m naturally good at it, my strengths, and receive feedback from what my customers’ experience was like working with me. Then build off of that. It really boils down to self-awareness and your unique, demonstrative way of communicating it.

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