Knowing your worth isn’t all about money. It’s about knowing the value you bring to the table. Sometimes we may settle for a client just to secure them, at the cost of selling ourselves short. Most designers and entrepreneurs have struggled with this at some point on their journey. If you’re not sure of your worth, asking yourself some of these questions might help.


1.) Have you ever lowered your prices for a client because they complained?

 If so, don’t feel bad. It’s something all creatives have struggled with, including me. But here’s what I did to overcome it. Set a standard! Don’t accept unqualified prospects as clients. Don’t settle for projects with budgets lower than your standard rate. Have confidence in yourself and stand your ground. Practice your standard consistently so when you win your ideal client, it’ll be worth it.


2.) Struggling to figure out how much to charge a client for a particular project?

 There are numerous options to consider when trying to decide how much to charge a client for a project. You can go by industry standards for hourly rate of pay for a designer in your state. You can have a standard price you choose to charge for projects in order for you to make a profit. Better yet, you can charge for projects based on value based pricing. (We’ll discuss “Value Based” pricing in another post).

Also, pay close attention to your satisfied clients’ feedback. A satisfied client will let you know how great your product or service is. Listen to them! They’ll even let you know of your value. Be sure to implement client testimonials for your brand’s growth. 

Set a standard! Don’t accept unqualified

prospects as clients.


3.) Scared to increase your rates, in fear of losing clients?

A wise man told me, you can never lose something you never had. Ask yourself, “are my current clients helping me to achieve my business goals & objectives?” If not, then you’re probably not charging enough. You’ll know when you’re not charging enough if you begin to have regrets immediately after accepting the new project. It feels something like “Buyer’s Remorse.” Instead, you should increase your rates and add more value to your clients by solving bigger problems for them. 


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As always, “Stay Intuitive!”