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Clear My Headlights
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The Challenge

Clear My Headlights is an automotive headlight lens restoration. Their previous website was very simple and made it very easy for customers to navigate through, but it lacked their brand’s identity and it wasn’t mobile friendly. Their previous site didn’t represent their brand’s attributes, lacked appeal to their target audience, and didn’t quite showcase the effectiveness of their work. Clear My Headlights cooperated with Intuitive to strategize a clear brand message to communicate to their customers, through¬†a guided storytelling, user friendly, redesigned website.


  • Clear My Headlights


  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 7 Pages
  • WordPress Build

Color Scheme & Typography

Space Gray


Cool Grey







Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Regular

Our client wanted a font that had clarity and boldness. The “Montserrat” font is a classic, modern sans serif font, similar to Helvetica, that’s prompt and easy on the eyes to read. We chose to keep the Montserrat family for Bold and Regular as both a primary and secondary font for headers, subheads and body text on the site.

Video Tutorial

Main Pages

The client wanted their homepage to guide the user on a storytelling experience of sympathizing with the customer’s troubling problem with hazed headlights, into Clear My Headlights benefits and solution to clear headlights. So, it was important that the landing page was designed with a hero image of Clear My Headlighs founder and technician in action. As the customer scrolls down the page, their attention is continuously grabbed by the jarring differences in before and after headlight photos. The goal is to make the website user friendly, mobile friendly, and intuitive as possible for the customer to schedule an appointment at any given point or page on the site.

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