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The Challenge

L. Hasan is an upcoming rapper from the DMV area. As his catalog continues to grow, providing access to all of his music on all streaming platforms, via social media became a challenge. He wanted a website where his fans can come to specifically select and stream any of his music on their streaming platform of choice, through an organized and intuitive experience. L. Hasan collaborated with Intuitive to discover a strategized landing page that allows his fans to access his music in less than 3 clicks. 


  • L. Hasan


  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 1 Landing page
  • E-commerce store coming soon
  • Shopping cart


Color Scheme & Typography

Neon Orange



Montserrat Bold 70pt

Montserrat Light 36pt

Open Sans 16pt

Our client wanted a font that was bold and attention grabbing. The “Monserrat” font family is a simple sans serif font, similar to Helvetica, that’s prompt and easy on the eyes to read. To compliment the Monserrat font, we chose the Open Sans font as a body font for paragraphs on the site.

Sketches & wireframes

After the discovery call with the client, I began to create a rough sketch of the website’s layout. Once, reviewed with the client, I began to design the wireframe for the landing page of the site.

Final Landing Page Design

The client wanted their Landing page to include their music catalog, a looping video of his recording process in the studio, streaming access, a newsletter sign-up, and an e-commerce shop. The user experience of the site was made to be mobile friendly first, since majority of the users will be visiting the site on their mobile phone. The one page site allows the user to access the following streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, Soundcloud, and YouTube. The site gives the user 3 different ways to via album or single cover art, streaming platform logo, and song listings. As the user scrolls down the page, their introduced to the UnderDog merch brand with a call-to-action to pre-order the merch clothing. Which also links to the mailing list sign-up option for users to be informed on exclusive content and updates from the rapper, as well as allow’s the client to have a database of his actual fans.

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