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NextGen Empowerment Method
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The Challenge

Organic Church is a youth empowerment non-profit organization. Their previous website made it hard for users to navigate through, with broken page layouts and it wasn’t mobile friendly. It also didn’t represent their brand’s attributes and lacked appeal to their youthful target audience. NextGen cooperated with Intuitive to strategize a clear brand message to communicate to their clients, through a call-to-action oriented, user friendly, redesigned website.


  • NextGen Empowerment


  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 9 Pages
  • Donation Capabilities
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress Build

Color Scheme & Typography

Burnt Orange


Forest Green


Dark Brown



Playfair Display Bold 40pt

Montserrat Medium 18pt

Helvetica 16pt

Our client wanted a font that had a modern touch to appeal to a younger audience, yet not playful. The “Montserrat” font is a simple sans serif font, similar to Helvetica, that’s prompt and easy on the eyes to read.

Main Pages

The client wanted their homepage to introduce the user into a warm vibe that explains what NextGen has to offer. This non-profit specializes in helping troubled youth, so it was essential that the hero image on the landing page showcased love and safety, complimented by simplified messaging. We showcased popular pain-points their clients typically have, so the user can quickly navigate to the information they came to the site for. The messaging is short, straight-to-the-point, and attractive to the youth. The goal was to make the website intuitive as possible for the user to access the services as quick as possible, find the help they’re looking for, to help influence the user to make an appointment. Whether the user is on desktop or mobile, the experience is the same.

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