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Solutions Mediation & Conflict Resolution
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The Challenge

Solutions Mediation & Conflict Resolution is a mediation practice where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict. The goal was to provide a user and mobile friendly website, with calendar booking opportunities for clients who need their services.  The client needed this website published expeditiously to serve people in need of their services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Solutions Mediation & Conflict Resolution cooperated with Intuitive to strategize a clear brand message to communicate to their clients, through a call-to-action oriented, user friendly, designed website.





  • Meditation Solutions & Conflict Resolutions


  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 1 Page Parallax site
  • Calendar Scheduling Capabilities
  • Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress Build

Color Scheme & Typography



Space Grey




Playfair Display Bold 40pt

Playfair Display Regular 18pt

Lato 16pt

Our client wanted a font that had a professional touch to appeal to position their practice as professional and credible. The “Playfair Display” font is a classic serif font, that’s timeless and easy on the eyes to read.

Main Pages

The client wanted their website to be very simple, inviting and user friendly. So we decided to create a one-page parallax website for them with two hidden pages for extended information. Solutions Mediation & Conflict Resolution specializes in helping families and couples resolve issues, so it was essential that the messaging and images throughout the site showcased love and peace. The goal was to make the website intuitive as possible for the user to access the services as quick as possible, find the help they’re looking for, and book an appointment. Whether the user is on desktop or mobile, the experience is the same.

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